A night in London

I decided one night after dinner I would let Repo and his girl have some time alone. I walked around to see what I could find. I came across some interesting people who took me in pretty well considering I was some creepy guy with a camera. There was a group of girls who were smashing bottles, and waiting for friends to go clubbing. I decided to just follow them for a few blocks down the road to Club Aquarium. When we arrived at the club I saw tons of girls going inside, had a swimming pool, and the music took my mind back to new years. I figured I had to check it out, so I ran my camera back so I could enjoy the night and get wild! I was so excited I sprinted back faster than Usain Bolt. I got inside of the dark black light room filled with smoke, dancing and another room full of girls naked in the pool. About 15 minutes later they closed the pool down for the night. I wasn’t too happy about the pool situation, but got over it when all the girls ended up on the dance floor. I grabbed my little point-n-shoot, but when I pulled it out the battery the battery was dead. Sorry it wont happen again. The craziest thing is how the guys are like the chicks in Cali because almost every guy on the dance floor were more into watching themself dance in the mirror , and showed little attention to the women. As the night went on I started talking with a local guy who was wearing khaki pants, a red and white varsity jacket, white kswiss, and a red new era hat that made him looked like he starred in the movie Colors. He was a interesting guy and knew everyone in the place. I had a drink with him and went back to the dance floor wear I think I saw a Bodhi Michaels appearance. At around 6 the place just emptied out as if someone sprayed tear gas. I ended up hanging with a few locals and walking the streets looking at the town drinking beers and eventually grabbing some breakfast as the city became alive with Friday workers. It went from not a single soul to thousands of people walking, running, riding bikes, you name it. It had that business man feel with everyone dressed in suits or stylish outfits on there way to the office or some kind of real job. After breakfast I headed back to grab a few blinks and move on with my day. WildGirls2 WildGirls TheStare NightClimer huh BrokenBottle LondonLiberty Beer SmokingGirl LondonGirls

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