Snow White and My Seven Coffees

Here I am sitting in this lovely little café  in Amsterdam called Café van Daele,  while I sip on my coffee and look out the window as the snowflakes fall and float with the wind. It is quite a site to see, as it does not faze the people nor stop them from their everyday life. Everyone is still walking, riding bikes, taking trams, and doing what I have seen them do for the last two days. As I get served another cup of coffee I can’t help but notice how amazing each snowflake looks as they grow larger and pass by the window every time I glance out. It has been a wonderful week, and I am blessed to have had fascinating experiences and people I have met/shared great moments with. I couldn’t ask for a better place for me to enjoy a coffee to take in all that I have done, seen, learned, realized, and what I still have ahead of me on this journey. For the past few days I was overwhelmed and preoccupied with a wonderful girl exploring and experiencing the wild, magical, unique attractions Amsterdam has to offer. This place definitely has it’s many sides, in a very small area. Now I am on own and stuck her in Amsterdam because they cancelled the trains from the snow, so I will really make up for all that has been missed this week and focus on what I had intended on doing this trip.DoggyStop










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