Bodhi In Amsterdam

Amsterdam can be like experiencing a day at Disneyland with how it too, has it many different attractions and as Disney would call them Lands(sections). I definitely fulfilled my expectations of Amsterdam with the  partying, drugs, sex exploiting, koffieshops, stores, people speaking different languages, beautiful architecture and parks, and the way everything is designed to pop out in your face can make one long day feel like you lived in “Alice In Wonderland”. My day started I was sitting in a park enjoying a coffee and local Amsterdam treat admiring the scenery. The park was beautiful, and filled with colors, streams, bridges, people and pets roaming freely. Everything is eye catching and complimenting. About thirty minutes of observing, it began to get even more amusing when I introduced myself to a few fashion students who were dressed to impress from hair to shoes! All of a sudden, this orange sun light came out and made the brick wall of the bridge behind me amazingly vibrant with colors. I asked the students what they were doing and they replied, “We are looking for a location to do a school project!” I was stunned and found them amusing, so I asked if I could shoot them because their style and the lighting were quite grabbing. They said sure and had no problem with me shooting photos of them. The girl could only take her coat off to reveal her flashy gown for about 5 minutes at a time because it had to have been around a chilling -3C. After a sitting around in the park, the cold got to us, so we left and went off to the main square to find a warm place. We walked past the biggest and most amazing Apple Store I have ever seen, so we had to check it out. The place was like a one of the Lands at Dinsneyland, and we stayed in there messing around trying to get warm, use the bathroom, and check out the new products. The stairs were even like a ride at Disneyland because they went around in a circle up three floors, everything was clear glass and seemed like we were walking on the heads of the people below us. I’m sure people thought we were nuts because we went up and down them a few times. We then went outside to watch the break dancers perform, and let me tell you I have never seen anything like it. It was six guys wearing green jump suits yelling, singing, bending, and sliding around in the most awkward positions. Out of nowhere, a guy with real frowy long hair and bright blue coat went running through everyone making this buzzing sound, as if he was some kind of bug flying through the crowd. I took the person as a sign, and I figured we should keep walking because we were starting to freeze. We ended up going into McDonalds to use their WiFi because we had to contact a friend. In Amsterdam McDonalds are unique and colorful… Probably because people experiment with all the legal drugs, so the colors must be a ploy to draw them in. We used the internet for a bit and I took a few pictures of a table of four who were flamboyant from the way they dressed to their mannerisms. The staff told me no cameras were allowed and I would be told to leave if I didn’t put it away. I actually had the problem with taking pictures a fare amount in Amsterdam. After McD’s we went to hang at this cool little wine and beer bar to relax until meeting with a friend. The nights can be wild as well with some dance clubs calling you in with 2 for 1 drinks. I checked it out for a bit shot some pics and of course let a few dance move flow, but I honestly feel you can have a lot more fun in Amsterdam by just walking the streets trying to find your way out of the rabbit hole the way Alice did. With that being said, I shall call my experience “Bodhi In Amsterdam”

















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