Tour De Paris

Here I was in the middle of a city known for fashion, beautiful people, history, art, and a language that expresses sex and love. I decided that the best way to discover was by exploring, so I went on a walking tour throughout Paris to find all that I have heard about this city…

“Bonjour” Just saying that word makes me think that I am trying to persuade a girl into my fantasies. As I walked through the city, I constantly slipped on the icy streets looking at woman because even when they smoke cigarettes it comes off in a sexual way. I would fall into this fantasy waiting for them to enter it as I would say “Bonjour” and hope to have eye contact, so I could try my luck asking for directions just to start a conversation. It was hard to get them to stop because the snow was falling, but some would reply nicely, others didn’t speak English, and some looked at me like they knew exactly what I was doing. I found that using eyes and non-verbal expressions is the only way to flirt and charm if you don’t speak French. Half ass French does not work, and does not help a guys chances of luring them in at all. French is too sexy of a language to speak poorly, and they do not give you an “A” for the effort of trying either.

I do have to say that it was a over load of tourist, especially at the Eiffel Tower and The Lourve, and it is hard to find local bars, clubs, or that side of Paris that is mostly seen in movies and the media. I feel Paris is somewhere where you visit with someone or know someone. For couples it sprays romance through the air in restaurants because it’s Paris, say no more, it has night clubs for the people who know where to go, and if it’s just a couple of friends on vacation it can always be made fun. The nice thing about being alone is that I had nobody to tell me where they wanted to go, eat, or worry about, and I walked the whole city taking it all in. I went to all the main attractions and I am glad I can say that I have been to The Lourve and witnessed so much art history, and seen the Eiffel Tower in the snow, but the truth is that it is so overwhelming with people that you can’t sit there and enjoy it all because everyone is yelling at each other in different languages, bumping into you, and camera flashes making a constant light show. I had a fun and wonderful time walking the streets of Paris, taking in the art, history, and of course having drinks while sharing stories and dancing the night away. Paris was fun, and I am curious to see what it would be like without the snow, but for now I am on my way to Basque Country.














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