Finding Peace In A City

I remember back in kindergarten lying alone in the middle of  the playground looking up at the clouds passing by and transforming into whatever my mind would make me visualize them as. My teacher eventually came up to me and asked if I was ok with me; I replied, “I’m fine. I just like watching the clouds” (think of that in a little 5 year old voice). I still remember the look on her face. It was a look of uncertainty at first, and she was probably thinking I was holding something in because I was, and still am, a very social person. She then decided to lay down with me for the remainder of the lunch break. For the next 20 minutes, we laid and tried to tell each other what our imagination created with the transformations of the clouds. She later talked to my mom about how interesting it was to see me lying alone in the school yard away from all the other children because I usually was the most energetic child and couldn’t stop playing, fighting, teasing, and being always involved as the most interactive adolescent.  Still to this day, I love to find a quiet and peaceful place to watch the naturally made creations of our planet to help stimulate my mind, and though the ocean holds the power to create me, I sometimes need an environment of little movement to slow things down. I found a botanical garden here in Madrid and spent the afternoon hours walking around, lying on benches looking up through the trees as the clouds went by as my consciousness eluded the distractions of the busy fast pace world we live in. I roamed around in this garden until the sun went down, and in that time, so many dots connected in amazing ways. I was sitting on a step writing in my journal as the sun sent rays beamed across the walk path as this beautiful girl appeared in the distance heading my way. As she came near I stated to her about how pleasant it was. She apologized for thinking she interrupting me, I replied to her “Not at all”. She then gave me the ultimatum to stroll the garden with her or stay to continue with my writing–I chose to walk. As we divulged into a conversation about her hometown in Russia and how she moved to New York, I couldn’t help to notice her pretty eyes that glared a vibrant greenish blue with touches of hazel and a dark outlining circle that swayed me. We drifted around until she had to leave to meet back up with a friend, but she was going to be in Madrid for another few days and gave me all her info to meet again here or somewhere downstream. I went back to admiring the beauty of the garden, where I am, being alone, and thought about how the only contact giving to family and friends are my postings just so they know I’m alive. I then reflected back to San Sebastian, smelling the ocean and viewing the mastery of the sea. I got a tenderness of claustrophobia when I realized I was landlocked in this city when I was well informed that Mother Nature was alive and wanting to play. I stood back up and went on a rat race to get my stuff and head back to the coast where I had heard the world class wave Mundaka was going to be good. I had an amazing last two days lost in the city of Madrid taking in all the attractions and the occasion to witness and interact with the people I met there, but I knew that my soul mate was calling for a play date— and that was the OCEAN.














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